Korean Mustard and Plantain Cornbread Recipe

Get creative with your Cornbread! Ive been playing around with my friend Bob Cook's Korean Mustard lately. This is a delicious and unique sauce that goes insanely well with any sort of sandwich (especially beef). So naturally I tried it in some cornbread with one of my other favorite ingredients, Plantains! Sounds weird, I know and I'm not even sure how I mentally arrived at this pairing but it works. So order some Korean Mustard and try it out. This is our recipe for Korean Mustard and Plantain Cornbread. Sounds Crazy, Tastes Delicious!

A Note on Plantains: If they don't look like a rotten banana they aint ripe enough. They need to be all black and a little squishy. Trust me, its ok.

Korean Mustard and Plantain Cornbread

2 tbsp Korean Mustard http://www.burntandsalty.com/shop/korean-mustard

2 large or 3 small over ripe plantains 

1 Quickie Bag of Altman Farm and Mill Cornbread Mix

1 egg

3/4 cup milk

3 tbsp butter (plus another 3 tbsp for sauteing the plantains)

Peel the plantains and chop them about the size of a marble. Saute the plantains with about 3 tbsp butter until they start to caramelize. While the Plantains are cooling, mix the cornbread according to the directions on the bag and add the Korean Mustard. Fold in the Plantains, pour the batter in a hot skillet and bake at 425 for about 16 minutes. Enjoy.